Gerdy Hooke

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Gerdy Hooke
Gerdy Hooke.png
Vital Statistics
Shop: Yes
Gender: Female
Origin: Luna
Initial Location: Crash Site

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Ver 1.1.3

Gerdy Hooke is the first character the player meets in the storyline. She has been injured in the crash landing and needs medical attention.

Backstory[edit | edit source]

Gerdy is a nutrition expert who grew up on Luna, and jumped at the chance to join the expedition to Maria. She is Alfonzo Hooke's sister.

Shop[edit | edit source]

Gerdy Hooke's Shop – Page 1 of 1

She starts with 300-500Meat$.png and has the following items available for sale.

Item Price
Water Pitcher Icon.png Water Pitcher 82Meat$.png
Water Pitcher Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Water Pitcher Script 41Meat$.png
Wood Sword (1H) Icon.png Wood Sword 42Meat$.png
Wood Sword (1H) Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Wood Sword Script 21Meat$.png
Wood Shield Icon.png Wood Shield 51Meat$.png
Wood Shield Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Wood Shield Script 26Meat$.png
Wood Shovel Icon.png Wood Shovel 42Meat$.png
Wood Shovel Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Wood Shovel Script 21Meat$.png
Wood Pickaxe Icon.png Wood Pickaxe 42Meat$.png
Wood Pickaxe Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Wood Pickaxe Script 21Meat$.png
Wood Axe Icon.png Wood Axe 42Meat$.png
Wood Axe Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Wood Axe Script 21Meat$.png
Smoked Sausage Icon.png Smoked Sausage 35Meat$.png
Smoked Sausage Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Smoked Sausage Script 18Meat$.png
Rice Balls Icon.png Rice Balls 52Meat$.png
Rice Balls Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Rice Balls Script 26Meat$.png
Pumpkin Bread Icon.png Pumpkin Bread 63Meat$.png
Pumpkin Bread Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Pumpkin Bread Script 32Meat$.png
Meatloaf Icon.png Meatloaf 61Meat$.png
Meatloaf Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Meatloaf Script 31Meat$.png
Campfire Icon.png Campfire 111Meat$.png
Campfire Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Campfire Script 56Meat$.png
Animal Fat Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Animal Fat Script 7Meat$.png
Sugar Icon.png Sugar 3Meat$.png
Salt Icon.png Salt 3Meat$.png
Flour Icon.png Flour 7Meat$.png
Flour Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Flour Script 4Meat$.png
Condiment Icon.png Condiment 3Meat$.png
Wood Sword (2H) Icon.png Wood Sword 63Meat$.png
Wood Sword (2H) Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Wood Sword Script 32Meat$.png
Wood Dagger Icon.png Wood Dagger 84Meat$.png
Wood Dagger Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Wood Dagger Script 42Meat$.png

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