Going Home

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Going Home
Main Story
Prerequisite: Seal of Blood
Starting NPC: Michael Wiles.png
Starting Location: Pujan Camp
[11999, 9050]
Ending Location: Player Colony
Leads to: Trading for Peace
Information Gathering
Cross Species Trade
Talking to Aslanov
Ver 1.0.9

Start[edit | edit source]

Defeat the offering together with Puja. After a short dialogue, you will receive the quest.

About[edit | edit source]

Return to the Colony

Goal[edit | edit source]

Return to the Colony

Reward[edit | edit source]

Quest reward:

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Go back to the colony. Once you are there, the quest will end, making Michael Wiles and Peter Asimov available for main quest dialogue. Peter will encourage you to find more Text Sample Icon.png Text Samples, and Michael will have quite a bunch of new quests for you.