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Hunting is the pursuit and killing of Animals in order to obtain Resources.

Hunting Strategy[edit | edit source]

Hunting can be a dangerous activity, as some animals will attack when damaged and some will attack on proximity alone. Furthermore, some animals exist in packs and will attack as a group if a single member is damaged. Beta 0.3

Melee Weapon Hunting[edit | edit source]

Hunting with melee weapons is dangerous, so be sure to carry medical supplies. It is also a good idea to invest in good armor and a decent weapon. If you gather a party of NPCs they will help you hunt. NPCs are very useful when you are attacking an animal that is stronger than you, or a pack, but they are not effective at pursuing animals that run. It is challenging to pursue animals that run, but jumping can allow you to gain ground on them. Beta 0.3

Ranged Weapon Hunting[edit | edit source]

This is undoubtedly the easiest form of hunting, although expensive until you get a blaster, which doesn't use ammunition, only energy. This allows you to hunt larger animals and get several hits on them before they can get close and harm you. It also makes hunting animals that run much easier. Be warned, some animals have ranged attacks! Beta 0.3

Kiting[edit | edit source]

A highly efficient and safe form of hunting involves kiting animals. Establish a zone with two or more turrets in an open area. Using a melee weapon or ranged weapon, aggro an animal that will pursue you. Flee towards the turrets and allow them to kill the animal. This is most effective with large, slow animals that might otherwise be very challenging to kill. Remember that turrets can be placed on 4 × 4 blocks base and readily moved when the area is devoid of suitable targets. Beta 0.3