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Logging is the act of using an axe to chop down trees to obtain Wood and some other resources. Beta 0.3

You do it by equipping an axe and standing in front of a tree. You must face the tree and stand close enough, until the mouse cursor changes into an axe icon. Then hold down the left mouse button until the tree is cut down. Beta 0.3

Currently the strength (or hitpoints) of a tree (and thus the amount of strikes needed to fell it) seems to be directly related to the amount of wood you get from felling it. The more strikes it takes, the more wood you get for cutting it down. The amount of wood in a tree is a factor of both the type and size of a tree. Beta 0.3

You can also gather other resources from a tree while logging, such as Plant Fiber, Resin and Rubber. This is dependent on the type of tree being logged. Beta 0.3