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A monorail is an easy way to travel around Maria, although you have to create a track first.

Basic monorail setup[edit | edit source]

Underground mono station

For the minimum monorail you need two track ends and a Train Cart. Place a track end on the ground, then add some track joints if you like, finally place the other track end. Make sure that all parts connect.

Once you are finished, right click any track point and choose Run. The handheld window will pop up with the Rail interface. Click the rail line in the map view. On the right side enter a name for the monorail line. You can also change station names and stop times for each station, then press Start to finish the line. There will be an empty box next to the Stop button, drag the train cart from your resource inventory there. This will start the mono.

You can change the line and station names and station stop times at any time, it is not required to stop the line first.

Placing track points[edit | edit source]

When placing joints, stations and ends you will see a range warning when you try to place it too far from the last point. The minimum distance between track joints is 5 meters, the maximum is 80 meters.

You will see the obstacle warning when terrain, trees or buildings block the track or train.

If you placed a track point in a bad spot, you can right click it and choose Recycle, this will put the item back into your inventory. It is not possible to change a running line, you have to stop it first.

You can also disconnect two track points by right clicking one and setting prior/next point to Null.

For moving track points that are already connected to two other points, you just recycle the point and place it back where you wanted it. Now it will only connect to one of the points, you will have to connect it to the other manually. To do this, right click the track point. Either the prior or the next point will show "Null", click this and you will see a list of track points. The white points can be clicked to connect the current point and the chosen point.

The game automatically rotates track points towards the next points. When placing a track station or end point in a tight spot you should turn the item anyway (hotkey T) to avoid the obstacle warning.

The rail interface on the handheld[edit | edit source]

On the left side there is a map where you can see all monorail lines. On the right, from top to bottom:

  • The line selector with line name and arrow buttons to switch lines.
  • The line name field.
  • The number of stations. This counts all station platforms and end points, minus one.
  • The line length in meters.
  • The number of track points between the ends.
  • The train cart item and the stop button. When you press the stop button, the train cart will return to your inventory.

Below the separator there is from top to bottom:

  • The station selector with station name and arrow buttons to switch stations.
  • The station name field.
  • The time until the train cart arrives at the station, or "--" if the cart is currently at the station.
  • The stoppage time field where you can change how long the cart waits at this station, in game minutes.

Tunnels[edit | edit source]

Monorail tracks may lead through tunnels. The minimum height for a tunnel is seven meters when placing the track joints on the ground. The tunnel must at least be six meters wide though it is recommended to make it wider or it will be difficult to place the joints. It is also possible to place a track station platform in a tunnel (6.5m wide). A track end requires a tunnel eight meters high.

Using the mono[edit | edit source]

Wait at any station until the train stops, then press E with your mouse over the station to enter it. You can exit at any station by pressing E again while hovering over the station. All NPC following you will also enter the train. Enjoy your ride.