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Ores are underground deposits of useful materials which, when mined with a Pickaxe, will yield large amounts of a resource. Current ores available are Copper, Iron, Zinc, Silver, Petroleum, Aluminum, Coal and Gold. Diamond ore is not yet implemented. The resources taken from these ores are used in a wide variety of replicator recipes, and can be placed in the world as solid blocks.

Ores can be detected by using the ELMIN scanner, available as a function of the handheld PC. Ores appear as white points beneath the terrain overlay, enabling the player to quickly and efficiently mine them.

There are also minerals to be mined which are far more common but do NOT show up on the scanner. Current minerals available are Stone, Marble and Limestone

Though not strictly ores, the Pickaxe can also be used to mine Sand or Dirt Block but a lot of the resource gets wasted. It's better to use a Shovel

Tin is found in small quantities in Copper ore veins and has no scanner detection of its own. Graphite can also be found while mining (around Marble). Steel cannot be mined, it is made by combining Iron with Wood in the Replicator. Sulfur and Sulfate are found when digging up surface Dirt Block.