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Type: Sentient
Location: Desert
Size: 2.21 x 3.17 x 4.09

One of the two resident alien races, Paja are somewhat bigger and bulkier than Puja. They inhabit the western part of the starting island, in the desert.

Description[edit | edit source]

Paja is one of the indigenous intelligent species of Maria.

Drop[edit | edit source]

Ver 1.0.9
Item Amount Notes
Bullet Icon.png Bullet 8 - 14
Plant Fiber Icon.png Plant Fiber 0 - 3
Native Flatbread Icon.png Native Flatbread 0 - 5
Native Salad Icon.png Native Salad 0 - 1
~40% chance

Locations[edit | edit source]

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Tactical Information[edit | edit source]

Pajans usually roam in groups, and can be encountered alone inside the launch facility. There are two types of armaments Paja are using. Melee fighters attack with large two-handed axes, and ranged fighters use rocket launchers. Rifle Type 02 is pretty much enough to take them down easily.