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The Pujan are the native sentient residents of Maria, living in post-apocalyptic conditions with tribal huts yet scrounged black-powder weaponry. They are commonly found in Pujan Camps, but are also found wandering in the ruins of the Abandoned Desert City. At the time of first contact the Pujan are hostile to the human colonists, killing some and taking others prisoner. Ava Azniv believes that it is worth attempting to communicate with them to sort out some kind of a peaceful understanding.


It is unknown whether or not the Pujan are connected to the Interference Signal or the object that struck The Epiphany, but as of the end of 0.752's portion of story-line there are no other potential suspects.

The Pujan are much taller than humans, with flesh stretched over jaunty bone structures. Their architecture and clothing are reminiscent of the culture of Ancient Egypt.

Pujan Warriors also referred to as Natives, use a mix of ranged and melee tactics, the melee fighters acting as berzerkers who simply run at their targets and attack using two axes, and the ranged fighters using muskets to cover the melee fighters and to pin down targets from vantage points such as a tower. At the Pujan Camp in the Grasslands, they also make use of manned artillery.