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Side Quest
Starting NPC: Random NPC.png
Starting Location: Rock Formation
– or –
Adisa Camp
Ending NPC: Random NPC.png
Ending Location: Rock Formation
– or –
Adisa Camp
Reward: Varies, but may include:
Bullet Icon.png Bullet ×30
Sashimi Icon.png Sashimi ×5
Leads to:
Ver 1.1.3

Start[edit | edit source]

You can get this quest by talking to the Random NPC at the Rock Formation (or later at Adisa Camp).

About[edit | edit source]

Help the person overcome pyrophobia.

Task 1[edit | edit source]

Slowly get the NPC close to fire so that he/she sees it is safe.

Campfire Icon.png ×1
  • Show that fire from the torch is safe
Torch Icon.png ×1

Task 2[edit | edit source]

Sand can be used to cover up fire, so get some for the NPC to feel safe.

Sand Icon.png ×50

Task 3[edit | edit source]

Get the NPC close to a Firebear.

Firebear Icon.png ×1

Reward[edit | edit source]

For each task you get one of the following:

Bullet Icon.png Bullet ×30

– or –

– or –

Sashimi Icon.png Sashimi ×5

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  1. Make a Torch Icon.png Torch and a Campfire Icon.png Campfire, and place them near the NPC. Talk to him/her again to get the next task.
  2. Go gather some Sand Icon.png Sand (you will find plenty on the beach nearby) and bring it back to the NPC. After finishing this task you can get the NPC to join you, or talk to him/her to get the next task.
  3. Even though the NPC said you should bring him/her close to a Firebear, he/she doesn't have to be with you, you just have to kill a Firebear to complete this task. Firebears are not very common, so it may take a while until you find one. Once you've killed it, return and talk to the NPC to finish the quest.