Sara Peterson

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Sara Peterson
Sara Peterson.png
Vital Statistics
Shop: Yes
Gender: Female
Origin: Mars
Initial Location: Martian Camp

Elite Herbalist.png Novice Logger.png Farming Training I.png Harvesting Training I.png Empty Skill Slot.png

Beta 0.5

Sara Peterson is the de-facto leader of the Martian Camp upon the player's arrival, though she later relocates to the Martian Colony leaving Nan Yang in charge.

Backstory[edit | edit source]

She grew up on Mars, but doesn't hold much of a grudge against Earth. She is an expert in agricultural science.

Shop[edit | edit source]

Sara Peterson's Shop – Page 1 of 2
Sara Peterson's Shop – Page 2 of 2

She starts with 1300-1900Meat$.png and has the following items available for sale.

Item Price
Fertilizer Sprayer Icon.png Fertilizer Sprayer 510Meat$.png
Fertilizer Sprayer Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Fertilizer Sprayer Script 255Meat$.png
Organic Fertilizer Sprayer Icon.png Organic Fertilizer Sprayer 510Meat$.png
Organic Fertilizer Sprayer Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Organic Fertilizer Sprayer Script 255Meat$.png
Mobile Water Pump Icon.png Mobile Water Pump 543Meat$.png
Mobile Water Pump Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Mobile Water Pump Script 272Meat$.png
Smoked Sausage Icon.png Smoked Sausage 35Meat$.png
Smoked Sausage Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Smoked Sausage Script 18Meat$.png
Compressed Biscuit III Icon.png Compressed Biscuit III 72Meat$.png
Compressed Biscuit III Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Compressed Biscuit III Script 36Meat$.png
Ration Sticks Icon.png Ration Sticks 33Meat$.png
Ration Sticks Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Ration Sticks Script 17Meat$.png
Rice Balls Icon.png Rice Balls 52Meat$.png
Rice Balls Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Rice Balls Script 26Meat$.png
Red Mushroom Soup Icon.png Red Mushroom Soup 29Meat$.png
Red Mushroom Soup Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Red Mushroom Soup Script 15Meat$.png
Fried Lotus Icon.png Fried Lotus 52Meat$.png
Fried Lotus Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Fried Lotus Script 26Meat$.png
Hotwings Yakitori Icon.png Hotwings Yakitori 41Meat$.png
Hotwings Yakitori Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Hotwings Yakitori Script 21Meat$.png
BBQ Hare Icon.png BBQ Hare 37Meat$.png
BBQ Hare Icon.pngScript Overlay.png BBQ Hare Script 19Meat$.png
Tomato Steak Icon.png Tomato Steak 58Meat$.png
Tomato Steak Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Tomato Steak Script 29Meat$.png
Puree Icon.png Puree 10Meat$.png
Nuts Icon.png Nuts 10Meat$.png
Wheat Seed Icon.png Wheat Seed 6Meat$.png
Rice Seed Icon.png Rice Seed 6Meat$.png
Chili Seed Icon.png Chili Seed 6Meat$.png
Corn Seed Icon.png Corn Seed 6Meat$.png
Cucumber Seed Icon.png Cucumber Seed 6Meat$.png
Carrot Seed Icon.png Carrot Seed 6Meat$.png
Tomato Seed Icon.png Tomato Seed 6Meat$.png
Vegetable Seed Icon.png Vegetable Seed 6Meat$.png
Onion Seed Icon.png Onion Seed 6Meat$.png
Pumpkin Seed Icon.png Pumpkin Seed 6Meat$.png
Potato Seed Icon.png Potato Seed 6Meat$.png
Fertilizer Pallet Icon.png Fertilizer Pallet 33Meat$.png
Fertilizer Pallet Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Fertilizer Pallet Script 17Meat$.png
Organic Fertilizer Pellet Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Organic Fertilizer Pellet Script 32Meat$.png
Water Icon.png Water 3Meat$.png
Insecticide Icon.png Insecticide 6Meat$.png
Fertilizer Icon.png Fertilizer 133Meat$.png
Fertilizer Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Fertilizer Script 67Meat$.png
Sugar Icon.png Sugar 3Meat$.png
Salt Icon.png Salt 3Meat$.png
Flour Icon.png Flour 7Meat$.png
Flour Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Flour Script 4Meat$.png
Condiment Icon.png Condiment 3Meat$.png
Wheat Icon.png Wheat 3Meat$.png
Rice (Raw) Icon.png Rice 3Meat$.png
Chili Icon.png Chili 3Meat$.png
Corn Icon.png Corn 3Meat$.png
Cucumber Icon.png Cucumber 3Meat$.png
Carrot Icon.png Carrot 3Meat$.png
Tomato Icon.png Tomato 3Meat$.png
Vegetable Icon.png Vegetable 3Meat$.png
Onion Icon.png Onion 3Meat$.png
Pumpkin Icon.png Pumpkin 3Meat$.png
Potato Icon.png Potato 3Meat$.png
Storage Box Icon.png Storage Box 867Meat$.png
Storage Box Icon.pngScript Overlay.png Storage Box Script 434Meat$.png

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