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Alpha 0.61[edit | edit source]

Also, there's no patching this time, since we sorta forgot something important, which is, we changed the terrain a lot. The terrain takes up the most space in game, and when we update it, it does it as a whole chunk. The patch itself ended up being 1.85G this time, while the entire game was 1.9G...yeah.


  • able to load iso files in build/adventure mode
  • bullet script and other new scripts
  • torches become charcoal when picked up
  • andheras will run from flares (sometimes!)
  • might want to check out the cave near Carter Camp
  • script for ladders
  • climbing ladders
  • flying enemy when flying to a certain height
  • chop and pick up plants in adventure
  • adventure mode working
  • adventure mode starting with way less things in the pack
  • able to dig tin to replicate bronze with copper
  • pickaxe balance
  • custom shields in the creations editor
  • chairs for npcs to ride in vehicles
  • npc able to shoot in vehicles
  • crystals for Hitomi's quest
  • repair kits in camps to fix items low in durability
  • gunpowder script
  • grenades
  • can pause a mission in the middle, leave the npc there, do other things, come back and lead the npc on
  • fixed multiple launcher, Mac, Linux bugs
  • chat ui in multiplayer
  • bigger ore deposits, less random (still no detector yet, working on that)
  • more stable settlement
  • sentry gun type 01
  • fixed bugs

This build should have slightly higher framerates, but the memory problem is still there for 32 bit folks (so we still suggest you use ramsmash and/or use the lowest settings in game). Once Unity has the ability to release 64bit builds, we'll probably do 2 builds for 64 and 32bits. If you have a problem with the build, please post it on our bugs section on our boards at: